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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Greetings from Calpe Spain!


I'm here on a week-long vacation, so I won't be updating as frequently. 

I have contacted the winner for the Silver Brooch Pendant.
It was fun - I should do another giveaway in the near future :) 

See ya!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

12 Weeks: My uterus? Yeah, it's a softball now

  • Is about two-and-a-half inches long. So still in the lemon/lime range. Comparison reruns!
  • Already has pretty much every structure, organ and system needed for life by this point. Everything will continue to develop and mature, but baby really is a perfect little miniature human being.
  • Reproductive organs are distinctly male or female.
  • Can officially be Bugged By Me. Reflexes have developed, so if I push on my uterus, baby will squirm and move in response. I can’t feel it, but it sure is fun to imagine getting flipped off by my fetus.
  • I keep thinking I’m feeling better and then I’m not. And then I am again! And then I smell whatever it is that you’re eating over there and BLEH.
  • Have a big-ass uterus now — too big to remain all low in my pelvis. It’ll sort of grow and migrate upwards during the second trimester. Pros: I won’t have to pee so much. Cons: baby will be able to land many, many karate chops on the internal organs.

Even though your little Einstein’s body is still growing quite rapidly 2 inches long right now, the overall super-speedy growth of their amazing brain continues to leave the head proportionately larger than the body— and is actually slightly more than one third of their total body mass! The head and neck are still straightening at this point as can be seen by their little chin lifting off of the chest. Your baby is also actively rehearsing “breathing” by using amniotic fluid to prepare the lungs for future air respiration.

The big news: your little pooper is now officially going to need diapers! Although a majority of the waste produced is transferred to the mother’s system for discharge (to avoid having it linger in the amniotic sac), some urine is released to the amniotic fluid and your baby will actually breathe it in before it passing it on to your for discharge. Not to worry, urine--in this particular form, is completely harmless to your baby.

Baby Bump: Week 12

12 Weeks

Eat Your Ticket

Hungry passengers in Aomori Prefecture in the north of Japan now have a chance not only to keep their train ticket as a souvenir, but to eat it as well.

Japanese railway company Aomori Railway Co. this Saturday started selling edible tickets to celebrate the extension of its Metoki-Hachinohe Line further to Aomori, which will open in December.

The ticket that costs 1500 Yen ($18) is made of Nanbu-senbei cracker, a Hachinohe specialty. The 10-centimeter diameter ticket is printed with edible ink.

Altogether they made 2000 of these tickets, 47 of which were sold on the first day.
Even though the cracker is good for about three months, the president of Aomori Railway says that this is a commemorative ticket and hopes that passengers will keep it as a souvenir after riding their train.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Woodland Decor

Decorating the room with these wooden cuteness is a creative option! 

Find them @ Graphic Spaces

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

11 Weeks - Just plum cute!

  • Is the size of a small lemon or large lime. With a twist! Yeah, we’re done with the bean and nut comparisons and have moved onto fruit. Next stop, small household appliances!
  • Is officially a fetus, and is downright human-baby looking with non-webbed fingers and toes, although s/he needs a lot more cooking and fattening up.
  • Is moving and kicking and dancing and even hiccuping, although I won’t be able to feel the acrobatics for a few more weeks (sometime between weeks 16 and 20).
  • Please, it’s just all more of the same. The pregnancy books are all yapping about how much better and less sick/exhausted/crabby I should be feeling by now, and I spent a very productive morning hurling several particularly annoying tomes at the wall.

Maybe you’ve noticed… your baby is a super-duper grower! Your lil' fetus will be gaining a substantial amount of weight this week and has already achieved fruit-size-status. What's more, your little scientist is already starting to explore their body, focusing most intently on touching their head, and especially their face and mouth. Their mouth in particular will provide them with hours of entertainment. This happens not only because your baby is gaining coordination, and is therefore able to move a hand on command, but also because their palms have gained sensation and can actually “feel” what it touches.They're also developing their swallow reflex this week. And lastly, your baby's smelling and other olfactory senses will begin developing this week, which when combined with the maturing taste buds, will provide your baby with their first experiences of taste and smell.

Weekly Belly Shot

11 Weeks
I'm growing little by little!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Cube



Can't go wrong with watermelon...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleepy King

Sleepy King

How darling are these plushies in the Sleepy King Etsy Shop?

Sleepy King

Sleepy King

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Limited Edition and Seasonal Flavor

Bought the following:


Limited edition flavor: Fondant au chocolat
Limited Edition Flavor

Seasonal Flavor: Pumpkin
Seasonal Flavor - Pumpkin

Had a taste, didn't like it. Handed it over to *H* x)

Friday, October 8, 2010

One of those restaurants...

...albeit expensive, they serve mighty tasty desserts~



My choice: The chocolate cake with rich raspberry ice cream

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sushi Cake Roll{s}

Sprinkle Bakes Matcha (Green Tea Flavor) Sushi Rolls is an absolutely fun dessert! Filled with white chocolate butter-cream and a side of chocolate "soy" sauce, it's bound to look and taste  delicious.

10 Weeks: Graduation Day has arrived!

  • Will officially be considered a fetus by the end of this week.
  • Is over an inch long, maybe by as much as 3/4 of ANOTHER WHOLE INCH. That’s almost TWO INCHES.
  • That’s about the size of a…hmm…*glances frantically around room*…okay, it’s slightly bigger than a really big coat button, but not quite as long as a AA battery. There.
  • Has a heartbeat strong enough to be heard via a Doppler.
  • Most congenital conditions appear before the end of week 10, meaning the most delicate and critical development period is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief over that, but…uh, I wouldn’t go celebrate the milestone with a bathtub of gin, or anything.
  • Might be starting to feel just the teensiest bit better, symptom-wise. Morning sickness “typically” peaks around week nine. So far, the morning sickness has calmed down. Yay!

Your astonishingly tiny baby has been hard at work growing as fast as possible—almost doubling in size in the past three weeks! Amazingly, you’re in for a repeat size doubling performance within the next three weeks! Your tiny champion still weighs less than a quarter of an ounce but has already completed the most critical stage of their development. Using Doppler technology, your doctor or gynecologist can let you hear their tiny rapid fetal heartbeats this week (145-165 beats per minute!). Chances for miscarriage are greatly reduced when the heartbeat can be detected, so take a sigh of relief if you’ve been needing one—it hasn’t been an easy ten weeks! What’s more, they’re getting ready to make their first baby poop! Your little one’s major organ systems are developing, including a functioning digestive tract capable of moving food all the way through their bowels. The final shiny gold star on their fetal behavior chart for the week: your little scrapper has already developed defense mechanisms to protect them on reflex!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Haritts { ハリッッツ}


Haritts is a popular cafe specializing in donuts and Italian style coffee. It has a small eat-in area, recommended if you want to enjoy some pretty latte art or eat more than 5 donuts (that's the limit for take-out). It is said that Haritts’s started from a mobile van and when it became popular, it opened it's first shop.

Haritts donut

Made one by one, the homemade additive-free doughnuts and their originally blended coffee make for a lovely and tasty moment!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Green, black, and blue make good colors in the sky.

Most of the time I take random shots but once in a while some interesting pictures appear out of the bunch.

Amongst the Stars





Monday, October 4, 2010


Reasonable price, great quality and so pretty colors and patterns - I would definitely recommend these socks by a Japanese company called “Tabio.”

How NOT to get lost - The new version!

Tokyo train map

This handy Tokyo train mini map for 2010 is available for free at post offices in Japan (Japan Post). It measures about 9″ x 4″ (23 x 10 cm). Available only in Japanese and includes all train lines and stations for Tokyo Metropolitan Area for 2010, including Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I absolutely love the cute jewelry that's being sold in Mozzypop!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Senbikiya: Fruit Sandwiches

senbikiyaThere are some famous “fruit shops” in Tokyo. They specialize in fruits that are delicious and as beautiful as jewels (and expensive)!

The Japanese have a custom that give gifts to each other at every occasion. This is the shop often go to to buy something for those occasions.

Most of these old established fruit shops have fruit parlours upstairs where you may find many colourful and delicious menus using those fruits the shops are proud of.

One of the most irresistible is a fruit sandwich which shows the sides of all fruits sliced thinly stacked up inside sparkling like a jewellery box.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Etsy: Chocolate Popsicle

Chocolate Popsicle

Cute amigurumi seen in the Chocolate Popsicle Etsy Shop.

Chocolate Popsicle

Chocolate Popsicle

kna plus (クナプラス)

kna plus (クナプラス)
Eco bag is made of PLA Fibre which is produced from corn. The Eco bag can be absorbed into the soil and doesn’t produce toxic gas when buried in the ground. It uses pleated sewing so that you can fold it down to a compact size to carry around. This bag has a cute design comes in 7 traditional Japanese colors.

kna plus (クナプラス)