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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pretty much food

Tomato cake?

This chocolate and cream cake adorned with cherry tomato's grabbed my attention. The tomatoes are almost as big as the piece of cake and it certainly offered an interesting mix of flavors!




Melody said...

Woah the cake looks so awesome!! And I've never seen a tomato on a cake before ;O It looks amazing :O

Drake Sigar said...

Yuckie, I thought they were strawberries.

I Live. I [♥]. In Tokyo said...

@Melody: The people here are so creative with their baking!

@Drak Sigar: Certainly looks like it, eh?

Lala said...

It looks delicious. Now I am hungry :)

Thank you for your comment.
I am jelause of you, because you live in Japan... I always want to go there :)

xo lala

R Montalban said...

The Japanese do really pretty food.