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Monday, September 13, 2010



A couple of upcoming Japanese movies that caught my eye recently.

Oniichan no Hanabi (25th September 2010)
Oniichan no Hanabi Official Site

Set in Niigata, a young man who has become a recluse in his own home decides to attend world-famous fireworks display with his terminally-ill little sister. Based on a true story.

Incite Mill: Nanokakan no Death Game (16th October 2010)
Incite Mill Official Site
Ten people accept a high-paying job… a job to murder each other!! Directed by the same guy who did Ring (Nakata Hideo),

Onigamiden (May 2011)
Onigamiden Official Site
An anime set in the Heian Era and the ties between oni (demons, ogres, your translation of choice) and humans. The thing that interested me was the amazing perspective of the drawing on the splash page of the website. Note: The release date is taken from the official website, but other sources say it’ll be released next month.

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