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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food: My Boring Friend

Look who's on

I'm afraid I'm one of those people, specifically of the girl kind, who doesn't  know how to cook.

I'm thinking of taking cooking lessons or something. Have to actually - I'm getting bored with what I'm eating :/

How about you? Know how to cook that doesn't involve the micro/toaster oven?


Lily said...

I like baking! :D But I like eating cake more, haha. xD

MarieLo said...

wow. cooking with hello kitty might be fun!

dont feel bad. i suck at cooking too =)

Julie said...

Hi, your blog really nice :) I'm cooking everyday and that doesn't involve the micro oven.. sometimes, but not often. But my food is really simple - pizza, pasta, flans, slumgullions and so one... I thought of taking cooking lessons too :) I want to try cooking Japanese food, but I can't find Japanese cooking lessons in my country

LivKit said...

Yes! I love to cook and can fairly well... or so everyone tells me. You have the cutest blog! I love the ice-cream pops and your' about me was too cute. Love Cats, and my favorite time of day is night too! :) I found you on the Girl Creative btw! Happy Monday!